New Endeavours…

Since I now have a lot of time to do more productive things, I am starting to explore some activities that I can really say “yeah this is something I can enjoy”. I won’t try to make myself out to be a “expert” in any of these fields, since I have found many others already entrenched and famed in these areas.

However I do wish to maintain a proficient & competent demonstration of skills that inspires confidence in those who enlist my services.

Website Design
Something I have a talent for, although some may feel I exhibit fascist ethics in this field. I definitely feel that I can provide a service for someone willing to explore communication at a level that does not require one particular kind of end user.

Graphic Design
Since one of my strong skills is creating websites, I decided to become more proficient at using gimp & inkscape.

Nautilus Scripts
Nautilus is the default file-manager used in the Gnome Desktop Environment, which utilises scripts of almost any kind to provide a right-click context menu of custom actions. The possibilities are pretty much endless considering the nature of bash scripting alone.

It is not limited to bash scripts alone though, since you can create your scripts in almost any script language providing you have the script engine for it.


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